Bringing The Shine Back To Your Floor

Do you always have that thought that having a laminate floor throughout the house just looks unclassy and cheap?

I did.


I long time ago.

It was 20 years ago. Artificial flooring materials and finishes were not that great and indeed looked like a budget project completed in a hurry. You would try and hide these panels with a rug or a piece of furniture. Sound familiar? I bet it does.

These times a long gone. There are numerous manufacturers who produce real masterpieces of a floor surface – Pergo , Mohawk and Quick Step being at the top. The variety in colour, material, robustness, longevity and ease of installation have grown significantly over the years.

Beautiful floors. Do you really need to cut trees in order to cover the floors in your home or office?

I have seen prestigious London buildings and premises laid with artificial laminate flooring throughout. Did it look cheap? No way, quite the opposite. Those floors looked exquisite and expensive. The one you’d expect to be on the floor of the Buckingham Palace or 10 Downing Street, both SW1 postcode.

Here I will try to provide you with the best advice and product information, as well as installation instructions, tips and recommendations. Just cut me a bit of slack with the design of the website, which is well in progress.