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With such an enormous variety of choices, selecting the right laminate floor for a particular application can be a mind boggling affair. Make easy work of it with this advice.

Consumer opinion: One womans mission to combat the daily struggles with muddy dog feet and cookie crumbs is resolved by the discovery of the simplicity and cleanliness of her durable laminate flooring.

There can sometimes be pitfalls to watch out for when buying very low-cost or budget laminates. Read our advice on buying cheap laminate flooring before you part with your cash!

Laminate flooring meets the tough standards of a suburban home. High foot traffic and pets are no match for this ultra tough floor product! Meet The Suburban Miracle Laminate Flooring

Dont know the difference between HPL and DPL? Here youll discover what Hard Press Laminate and Direct Press Laminate is and which type may be more suited to your needs.

With the visual look of laminate and hardwood being very similar its easy to understand why some people get confused over which is which. If you are one of the many that dont know, go here to find outthe difference between hardwood and laminate flooring and eliminate the confusion once and for all.

Before parting with your money for a new laminate floor you should always consider the official Rating of the product you intend to purchase. Here you can find out what all of the various levels in the Laminate Flooring AC Rating System.